In recent years my focus has moved from design to traditional representation. Strengthening my descriptive skills has taught me to slow down and look carefully. The more you look, the more you see. Learning to love careful observation has led me to the challenge of capturing the subtleties of light and shadow as they reach around each and every object, face and landscape, defining form, mood and meaning.

Ink, charcoal and paint offer me endless possibilities for invention and expression. Thinking like an inventor, testing techniques like a scientist, and then using my results to express thought and emotion engages every part of me.



• My mother was an producing artist for 80 of her 92 years. My son is a User Experience Designer in the Bay Area and my grandfather was a professional actor on the stages of New York City. My friends are about 75% creatives, and those that aren't have to listen to a lot of art talk and drink cheep wine at openings!

• I graduated from UCSB with a double major in history and studio art and have studied in countless studios since

• I have been a member of The Los Angeles Printmaking Society for 25+ years

• I’m pleased to be a wife (of an exceedingly kind and supportive left brainer), a mother, sister, aunt, community volunteer, graphic artist and fine artist

• Drawing, painting and printmaking are the personal challenges that fuel my inner dialog..."if that goes darker and cooler should this be a sharp edged warm? Wait, where's the light, think about this..."