Head Studies

Working with vine charcoal and charcoal pencil is my favorite way of working to capture a personality in a particular moment. Line and tone capture light and shadow which in turn describe form.   With proper attention to the details a personality emerges from the paper.

Untitled - 18x24

Constance - 16x20

Amelia - 11x14

Untitled - 18x24

Arch - 18x24

Doe - 18x24

Gretchen - 16x20

Peaceful - 18x20

Holly - 22x30

Still Life

I love the purity of a monochromatic drawing. The simplest of materials can capture the essence of a subject in the same way that black and white photos seemingly look deeper into the soul of a person or place than a color snapshot. Charcoal on paper is my favorite technique, but I also enjoy experimenting with tools and processes.

Will's Lightbulb - 5x7 - charcoal on paper

Light Through Glass - 12x14 - Charcoal and chalk on paper

Gourds - 10x12 - charcoal and chalk on paper

Bright Morning - 5x7 - Charcoal on paper

Sycamore Leaves - 18x20 - Walnut ink and wash on paper

Seed Pods - 48x72 - ink, charcoal and chalk on paper

Pomegranates - 9x12 - charcoal on paper

Toy Box - 12x14 - charcoal and chalk on paper

Avocado Half - 9x14 - charcoal on paper