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Recent Work - Volcan Mountain Series

I was approached by representatives of the Volcan Mountain Foundation while exhibiting at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach. They were looking for an artist to kick off their residency program. I love the wild lands of northern San Diego County and investigated the Julian based foundation. I found that it was a group that had purchased, bit by bit, untouched tracts of land on Volcan Mountain in order to prevent development and preserve open space. I admired their mission, and my work seemed a perfect fit for their desire to celebrate the wilderness preserve that now spans 2,900 acres.  The mountain rises behind the city of Julian, CA and offers sweeping views of both the coast and the desert on a clear day. To learn more about them go to

Acorns - 12x16 - Oil on panel

Last Leaves - 18x24 - Oil on panel

Oak Catkins - 12x16 - Oil on panel

Gooseberries - 12x16 - Oil on panel

Spring in Julian - 11x14 - Oil on panel

High Summer Manzanita - 12x16 - Oil on panel

Peeling Manzanita - 18x24 - Oil on Panel

Bee and Manzanita Blossoms - 12x16 - Oil on Panel