These images are achieved with a two step printing technique I have developed that merges my favorite drawing style with the textures I love in printmaking.  I first create an engaging environment for the figure using stencils, patterned plates, fabric, leaves - creating depth and texture on the paper. After the inks and paints are dry I focus on the figure.  I start by applying a mid tone of ink to a printing plate, then wipe away the ink to create light and finish by brushing in my darks. I place my completed plate over the patterns I’ve created and roll them through an etching press attempting to capture a fleeting moment in an individual’s life.

Thinking - 14x20

Chill - 5x7

Calculating Yesterday - 9x12

Relative Bearing - 11x14

How Will It Work - 8x10

Laughing at Lady Luck - 10x13

Nick - 11x14 SOLD

Between Shadow & Soul - 14x20 SOLD

On The Cusp - 8x10

Factory Girl - 8x10

Cousins - 14x18

The Scarf - 9x12

Heat - 14x20

Karina - 11x14

Strength of Conviction - 6x9

Sure - 6x9

Watching, Remembering - 13x20

Memories of Home - 8x10

Rainy Reflection - 6x9

Decisions - 14x20

Open & Rise - 11x14